Meet Anna

Hi, I'm Anna, I am based in the LE5 area of Leicester. My goal is to guide you to change those negative hindering patterns that are holding you back into lovely new positive patterns to help you become your best, richest most fulfilled self.


I myself have suffered from anxiety and depression for most of my life, i had tried many different therapies but, nothing i tried seemed to reduce those unhelpful negative thoughts for a sustainable period of time.

Then I tried solution focused hypnotherapy! Finally! A breakthrough! It completely changed my life by changing my way of thinking, it was a whole new type of therapy and best of all I didn't have to re-live past painful memories. Once I let go of fear, I realised that there was no limit. I learned the tools that I now live my life by.

I want to help you to find your true self and live life to the full without anxiety, depression or stress.


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0756 856 2319

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