Hypnotherapy for Phobias

Most of us experience some fear, it’s normal and healthy; many such fears are manageable and, for the majority of us, they have little impact on our lives. However, a fear or phobia can be an extreme and debilitating level of anxiety that severely gets in the way of living your life.

  • Do you ever avoid activities or events because of your fear?
  • Do you sometimes feel like you are missing out because of your fear?
  • Do you have to prepare yourself (sometimes days or weeks) in advance for certain events or situations?
  • Can even thinking about your fear sometimes make you feel uncomfortable?
  • Do you wonder what life could be like without it?

When a fear gets in the way of you living the life you want, in the way you want, doing the things you would otherwise enjoy or even prevents you from taking care of yourself, it will severely affect your quality of life. Inspired To Change understand this and so, for specific phobies (such as those listed below) we offer Liberate – a three step phobia release approach that enables you to leave your fears behind and move forward feling confident and in control.

Right now, your fear or phobia is probably responsible for you living a smaller and less fulfilling life, you will be missing out on opportunities, or not enjoying the opportunities and experiences you do have, you’ll be missing out on positive experiences and most probably avoiding new challenges.

Think for a moment…if you hold on to your fear, what will you miss out on in the future? Who won’t you meet? What won’t you do? Where won’t you go? What experiences will you miss out on? What opportunities will you miss…all because of your fear.

Are you ready to let go of your fear and be in control, living the live you deserve?

Here’s how Liberate will work for you:

Step 1: Understand how your phobia affects you now and how you want to be in the future

Step 2: Release the phobia

Step 3: Instal new, positive behaviours and habits to make it a permanent change

One of the reasons so many people choose hypnotherapy to help them resolve their fears and phobias is that your behaviours (the fearful response) is stored in your subconscious mind and, using hypnosis, you are able to gain fast access and then communicate directly with the part of you which is responsible for running your fear or phobia. During this communication you will discover how to let the fear go, let the fear go and then re-program your own mind with way you want to be. Many clients, particularly those who have suffered for many years, find this approach both miraculous and liberating.


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