Hypnotherapy Frequently Asked Questions

What hypnotherapy isn’t: It isn’t mind control and you will not be turned into a chicken! It is a non-intrusive way of working aiming to change automatic/current thinking and behaviour patterns. We merely make positive suggestions that line up with your values and beliefs.

What does trance feel like? You do not go under like you see on the tv, it feels the same as a relaxed state you are in just before you fall asleep.

What makes this form of therapy different? Trance enables you to be more present, we look at your preferred future and guide you in making positive changes through solution focused talking therapy and psychotherapy, this coupled with the access to your subconscious mind through trance has proved to be highly effective.

Do I not need to focus on the problems to solve them? No, we believe that there is no need to focus on the problem – for some people dragging up the past can be more detrimental to their recovery and when we are problem focused we don’t allow our brain the space and time to come up with the solutions from the part of the brain that comes up with answers on a proper assessment of the situation. It has been proven that by focusing on the positives and being more ‘solution focused’ changes the neuro – plasticity and neuro transmitters in the brain to enable you to become more positively focused as a habit.