Welcome to Everymind Solutions

A refreshing approach to rapid, limitless change

Everymind Solutions are here to enable you to make the most of your journey through life. Whether you are suffering mental health issues, physical discomfort or pain, or simply need help in relaxing.

We also assist people who are ready to accelerate their life beyond the ordinary. It could be a change of career, guidance with life choices, or assistance with enhancing your performance in work or sport.

We can help you build your self-esteem, courage and strength, so you are ready to take on life's challenges.

But there is no looking back or retrospection here - it is all about forward thinking. Our ground breaking, innovative solutions will provide you with fresh, new methods to achieve your goals.

Anna & Rob

Co-founders Everymind Solutions.

Are you feeling stressed, tired, anxious or depressed?

Are negative thoughts stopping you from living the life you want?



Meet Anna


I'm Anna, I am based in the LE5 area of Leicester. My goal is to guide you to change those negative hindering patterns that are holding you back into lovely new positive patterns to help you become your best, richest most fulfilled self.

Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed or want to improve your quality of life? 

Do you want to make some changes to your personal life or career, but don't know where to start?


Meet Rob


Rob has a vision to help young people, professionals and organisations to delve into their thinking and performance habits in order to realise and reach their true potential creating transformational and long-lasting results.