What to expect from a Child's Hypnotherapy Session

We are able to offer hypontherapy sessions for children aged from six to sixteen. In fact, children are generally very receptive to hypnotherapy. This is because they are happy to 'make believe', and this can be very useful in inducing the right conscious state for hypnotherapy sessions.

We would normally expect to meet the child's parent or guardian separately, before beginning sessions with their child. This provides an opportunity for us to discuss with you the desired outcomes, and allay any concerns you may have and to discuss how the sessions will be structured.

At the beginning of the sessions we will talk to your child about how their brain works and what the sessions are for. All of which will be carried out in a fun and interactive way to dispel any anxiety your child may be experiencing.

Anna has worked with children with behavioural difficulties for 10 years, before being headhunted by Leicester City Council's Learning, Communication and Interaction Team to work with children classed as, 'at risk of exclusion', so she is well-trained in working with children with a wide spectrum of concerns.

Children's sessions normally last between 40-50 mins, due to children having a lower tolerance to the levels of concentration required.

Parents are welcome to stay for the sessions, or leave, if that is preferred. The choice is entirely between you and your child.

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