A Life Partnership

Anna & Rob's services compliment each other perfectly

Anna and Rob, together with their team of consultants and specialists, offer wealth of experience and knowledge to assist with all aspects of your mental and physical wellbeing.

If you are unable to find the specific topic you are concerned about, or need assistance with, please do contact us as we're sure we can assist you.

Anna Rawson, Qualified Hypnotherapist

Hi, I'm Anna, I am based in the LE5 area of Leicester. My goal is to guide you to change those negative hindering patterns that are holding you back into lovely new positive patterns to help you become your best, richest most fulfilled self.

I myself have suffered from anxiety and depression for most of my life, i had tried many different therapies but, nothing i tried seemed to reduce those unhelpful negative thoughts for a sustainable period of time.

I worked with children with behavioural difficulties for 10 years, before being headhunted by Leicester City Council's Learning, Communication and Interaction Team to work with children classed as, 'at risk of exclusion'.

Then I tried solution focused hypnotherapy! Finally! A breakthrough! It completely changed my life by changing my way of thinking, it was a whole new type of therapy and best of all I didn't have to re-live past painful memories. Once I let go of fear, I realised that there was no limit. I learned the tools that I now live my life by.

I want to help you to find your true self and live life to the full without anxiety, depression or stress.

Rob Jarram, Leading Performance Coach

Rob is from Loughborough; Leicestershire, UK. He is an entrepreneur and educator and started his career as a PE teacher after graduating in 2004. He quickly became a Primary PE Specialist where his work was acknowledged by different universities and he shared his expertise at numerous conferences in the UK. He then went into Sports Development and elite sport management in Loughborough, the number one place for aspiring elite student athletes, sport education and research. During his time there he worked closely with Loughborough University, elite sport organisations and hundreds of elite athletes, coaches and support staff. He built programmes that went on to achieve numerous national titles and awards not just in elite and competitive sport, but also in volunteering and leadership. He also established a School Sport Apprenticeship creating careers for young people and helping hundreds of people achieve their potential.

Rob has a vision to help young people, professionals and organisations to delve into their thinking and performance habits in order to realise and reach their true potential creating transformational and long-lasting results.

In all areas of his work Jarram has demonstrated a golden touch, developing teams and individuals to achieve national and international success and be awarded for his outstanding work himself along the way.