Hypnotherapy for Sports and Fitness

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is not only effective for ‘problems and issues’ but also to help with life goals such as education, sport or business, simply by allowing us to be calmer and more focused.

Hypnotherapy has been used for decades by world champions and amateurs in sporting endeavours, helping in three main ways:

  • Focus – the best sports people have an ability to shut out distractions and will often report being completely unaware of them. Sometimes referred to as ‘flow’, in this state athletes find self-consciousness and distraction fade into the background, giving way to laser like focus, automatic reactions and a feeling of success.
  • Visualisation – on specific moves, events or upcoming competition.  Also referred to as mental rehearsal, visualisation is a critical part of an athlete’s make-up. Regardless of how physically prepared we are, if we think things will go wrong, they generally do go wrong. If we can experience ourselves having achieved our goal, step-by-step, through our own eyes, over and over again, we are mentally preparing for success.
  • Motivation & confidence – overcoming competition jitters, reframing limiting beliefs to go that extra mile on the treadmill, or simply a more positive outlook to your sporting activities, hypnotherapy also helps to remove triggers and negative responses that can be encountered due to pre-competition nerves, nagging self-belief issues or previous sporting mishaps. But you don’t need to be a championship athlete to benefit.






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