Hypnotherapy for PTSD

Hypnotherapy is a helpful tool to help you cope better with the effects of PTSD, it is a highly effective way to process uncomfortable memories associated with trauma.

Trauma can cause people to disconnect from their internal sense of safety. Hypnotherapy works in way to help manage and process associated emotions and learn how to regain a sense of control, safety and self-esteem. Hypnotherapy works by accessing the unconscious mind in changing the patterns and pathways which in turn change negative thoughts and feelings that are holding you back. I use tailored techniques and the power of positive suggestion which will help you in managing symptoms, recognising potential triggers and changing the way in which you respond to them.

Using trance combined with solution focused talking therapy we look at your preferred future together and what you do want from life instead of what you don’t want. I guide you in taking small steps to overcome any difficulties. We then reframe any negative thoughts associated with trauma and change them for new beneficial positive thoughts that aid you on your journey to recovery, helping you to live life free from limitations.