Our clients say...


I would highly recommend Anna to everyone / Friends & Family.

I attend Hypnotherapy sessions with Anna on a weekly basis for weight management and Anxiety. The sessions focus on positivity and what part of the brain we use to control our thoughts. Anna is extremely professional as well as being very approachable and understanding. Anna has a lovely calming voice that really helps during the sessions and I look forward to going every week. I feel I have really benefited from them because I am less anxious and feel calm in situations that before I would of felt like I was going to pass out. Thank you for helping me so far xx”

Sophie - Leicester

The relaxation session that I had with Anna was really informative, interesting and extremely relaxing. She explained to me how the brain works and deals with stress/anxiety which helps to understand what you can do about it. She is very passionate about what she does and this comes across very well and engages you in the session. I hope to put this new information into good use and start being more positive about myself!””



Kenny - Syston


I came to see Anna due to overthinking, struggling to sleep and to improve my confidence and self-esteem.

I’ll be honest I was skeptical at first but I now rarely overthink and when I do I’m able to snap out of it quickly. My sleeping has improved to the point where I would say I sleep like a log. I definitely feel more confident in myself. I also think more positively and am able to cope with whatever life throws my way with a calm mind which has made me much happier. I am content, I feel like a better person and my quality of life has improved massively.

The explanation of the brain gives logic behind why I felt the way I did and what I could do to change those thoughts and feelings. I also liked that it was focussed on the future, not the past. This was something that certainly made me continue with Anna.


If you are ever considering having solution focused hypnotherapy don’t think about it, just do it.

Anna has been through anxiety and depression herself and has a great understanding and of difficulties you might be facing.

Her passion and compassion for what she does and how she can support and help you puts you at ease straight away. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”


Anna was amazingly helpful when trying to sort my cousin. We didn't need to use Anna's services in the end because the NHS finally came through however nothing was too much for Anna especially with my a million and one questions. She was willing to go the extra mile and in a time of difficulty for our family she was a ray of sunshine! Xx”

Amy - Leicester

Anna was a massive massive help for my daughter with her lack of confidence, teenage issues and dealing with the anxieties she had for such a young person.. with your help she is doing amazingly well now and I can't thank you enough! x”

Natalie - Leicester

I’ve been having hypnotherapy sessions for a couple of months now and I can’t begin to explain how these sessions have helped me. Hollie is so caring, understanding and lovely to talk to. Thank you so much Hollie! Will forever be grateful and can’t recommend you enough!💖


Daisy - Leicestershire

I Fully recommend this service to anyone wanting to make positive changes to their life! ...it’s amazing!!”



Jemma - Leicester

The sessions are all about Positivity and bringing that into your life. They focus on what you need and professionally deliver themselves very well. Thank you for introducing me to Hypnotherapy I am really enjoying it and more importantly it is helping me more and more each day I am becoming stronger.”