The Positive Teacher

A programme to help teachers to be more positive, productive and manage the day to day stresses of being an outstanding teacher, …who also has a life beyond work!


Programme based on the theory that there is a science behind achievement and an art to fulfilment.


‘Success without fulfilment is the ultimate failure’

Tony Robbins


This programme was created from the vast amounts of research, ideologies and experience of working in education and elite sport. The programme aims to be bespoke and is moulded following an initial consultation (FREE) where we discuss the aims and values of the organisation and create the programme to best suit your needs.

Here are some examples of the topics that are implemented in the programme:
The brain; revisiting the key structures and what it’s designed for (The CHIMP, the CHILD and the CEO).

Avoidance theory; what are we really avoiding? Rosenburg Reset and state change

Download theory; key principles behind creating memories, making sense of the day and programming beliefs

Priming theory; morning and evening routines to create your best days, every day!

Emotional freedom; challenging perceptions about expectations and control

Self negotiation; what it is and what to do about it

1 minute moan; a theory to prevent escalating and spiralling negativity

Stress cycle; understanding stress and how to manage/release it

The Critical, Creative and Circumspect minds; knowing the difference and the effects of both on our emotional strength

Adaptability; the real crunch point for survival and how it relates to today’s world

Question for quality, not for quit-ability; one of the key changes to make in order to turn from a state of victim/helplessness into an empowered/optimistic state (understanding this law of the mind and how to leverage it)

Energy vs energised; knowing the difference and how to maximise them

Bestowed responsibility; what it is, the effect it has and how maximise it

Life FUNdamentals - The POD Parent/teacher

Procrastination station; what it really is and how to tackle it

Overwhelm and overload; different types and how to manage them

Burnout; how to manage yourself and avoid it!

The grass is greener; challenging the status quo and improving retention/stickability

5D learning; how to achieve success with anything!

Habits; breaking bad and making good

Common pinch points:

  • Stress
  • Self-discipline
  • Overwhelm and overload
  • Self-care
  • Moving on
  • Self-belief
  • Dealing with challenging behaviour
  • Time managemement

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