Ian Poynton – Operations Manager | 1:1 coaching client

I would thoroughly recommend Rob as a Human Performance Coach and Consultant.

Rob has helped to reset and reshape my life, making me realise I am awesome, have the potential to do anything and go forward with a POSITIVE mindset, knowing that I have to effect change!

The education, techniques and learning that Rob disseminates are key to changing your life! From knowing how your brain functions – interrupting and using that information & knowing when to activate Yoda & when the Warrior (Luke Skywalker) is needed (I like Star Wars if you haven’t gathered!). I’ve learnt that certain things are not your “fault” and that every situation in my life has either been good, bad but ultimately who knows until later! It is normal for us to have a fear of the uncertainty.

As Michael Jordan says, ‘I’ve missed 9’000 shots in my career and failed, over and over again. I’ve failed and that is why I succeed!’ Live for the uncertainty, fail again, but Rob has helped me realise I will succeed.

Thank you, Rob!


Richard Bedworth – Director of Sales | 1:1 client

It’s been great working with Rob. Already feeling the impact of our sessions and after each session I am energised and empowered to live my best life – both at home and with my team.

Looking forward to going deeper and realising those small gains to make real improvements.