Primal Power Unleashed

Changing the game in personal and professional development utilising the innate characteristics of human performance (based on the most up to date neuroscience). Concepts include emotional intelligence, personal and interpersonal leadership and frameworks to eliminate stress, overwhelm, procrastination and other limiting behaviours.

Most of us know that we have an emotional mind and a rational intellect. But what most of us have not received is the education behind how to master what we consider to be primal instincts and impulsivity. Mainly through respectable and proven theories as well as experience of high performance elite sport, this programme turns primal limitation into primal power.

Most of us live in the feeling of our thinking. The way we understand how our mind works and influences our behaviour determines how successful a person is.

Curiosity, action and exploration is the birthplace of courage, purpose, identity, confidence and almost everything we desire.

Our brain isn’t designed to make us happy and fulfilled, it’s designed to keep us, our tribe and the species alive. So that leads to the question, ‘how do we create the happiness and fulfilment that we actually all desire?’

Let’s answer it together!

Note: this programme is most effective following an initial consultation to design and mould it to suit your needs. Please get in contact to arrange an initial consultation and discuss the pricing plan depending on target audience and type of delivery.

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